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The concept of A Marketing Game is highly interdisciplinary, and while rather simple to articulate, will require broad expertise in order to take advantage this simplicity. Much of the heavy lifting needed to get this idea off the ground will be done by social scientists. The strength of the model that I am proposing is as an organizing framework for integrating different models and different pieces of data into a unified decision-making entity. 

It is essential to understand different models of consumer decision-making, and how such models can incorporate social influences. It is essential to be able to profile consumers, so that appropriate decision-making models can be selected based on a consumer's profile. It is essential to calibrate the effect of additional marketing on consumer perception of a product. We could attempt to calibrate additional marketing with changes in either product selection, or directly with product perception, gleaned for example through surveys. If changes in marketing are calibrated with changes in selection, we can infer the corresponding changes in perception through the parametrization of this model. It is essential to understand how consumer perception of products and markets influence the material they post on social media. 

There is considerable work being done to detect objects and topics within posted images and text, and to determine consumer sentiment with respect to such objects and topics. However, in order for such information to be useful with respect to understanding influences within a network, it is essential to be able to infer perception or states of mind from posted material.

These questions will be taken up over time in the blog. 

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